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Blizzard Seeking Billet Families for 24/25

The Blizzard are looking for caring host families to billet our players, aged 16-20, from all across Canada, and the USA for the upcoming hockey season. 

Billet families play a huge part in the team’s success on and off the ice. Those who become a member of the Blizzard family will play a significant role in the experience for our players. In addition to sharing their successes during the season, often times players form a lifelong relationship with their billet family.

Players arrive for training camp towards the end of August and stay until the season ends.  This can be as early as mid-March or as late as mid-May. Players have a break over Christmas holidays when most go home. Full time billet families may have their player from 1 to 5 years depending on whether trades or other changes occur.

Many billet families are needed for training camp for players who are in town for a short time. Billeting for training camp is a great chance to experience billeting and to consider whether having a full-time player is the right choice for your family.

As a guest in your home, your billet will be expected to show respect and consideration for both your home and the team’s rules. It is important that our players respect the rules of their billet family and the billet family respects the rules of the hockey club. The values and principles for success that are essential to become a member of the Blizzard Hockey Organization will be demanded at the rink, in the home, in the community and in school. 

Some players will continue their education while they pursue their passion and hockey dreams, while others may hold part time employment.  You will not be responsible for the transportation of the player to school, work, practice or games. 

As a Billet Family your role is:

• To be a mentor, friend, counsellor, and a good role model. 

• To provide a clean, family-oriented environment. 

• To provide nutritious meals and snacks. 

• To provide a private bedroom.

• To listen and give encouragement.

• To support and build up their self-esteem. 

• To treat the player as “one of the family”.

• To provide a Non-Smoking Household.

What are the benefits of being a Billet Family?

• Being a part of a young man’s journey to fulfill a dream of playing hockey.

• The opportunity to make a difference to a young player’s experience.

• One season ticket.

• $500 per month, per player for accommodations and meals. 

• Invitations to various team events.

• In many cases long lasting relationships develop and players and their families stay in touch for many years.


For more information or questions about becoming a Blizzard Billet Family, please contact 

Krista Moisan:  kmoisan@gmail.com or phone/text:  204-620-1493