Congratulations to all the successful bidders! THANK YOU to those that bid! All winners have been contacted and are listed below.

Player Bid Bidder
2 Phillips 300 D. Gatey
3 Lathlin 250 L. Lathlin
5 Strasky 300 Anonymous
7 Bernier 275 C. Paterson
8 Belzil 445 C. Belzil
9 Bouvier 320 C. Senyk
10 Cooke 450 W. Coulter
11 See 300 S. Forscutt
12 Tomchak 440 L. Mazur
13 De La Salle 300 L. De La Salle
14 Sukut 450 Anonymous
16 Hamming 350 C. Sawicki
17 Supprien 400 K. Tritthart
19 McNeill 235 L. MacInnis
21 Bibeau 250 M. Cook
23 Zagari 300 J. Niewiadomy
24 Maloney 280 R. Klyne
25 Gallagher 260 T. J
26 Charron 300 E. Charron
27 Edwards 300 J. Spence
37 Ayotte 330 C Colgan
44 Ward 250 D. Ward
30 Anderson 400 Steven
35 Morin 200 K. Tritthart
4 250 D. Dorion
15  “team autographed” 420 Anonymous
39 * name on jersey, player no longer with team 210 C. Blue

Weekend Recap

March 8 – Blues travel North

The Winnipeg Blues and the Blizzard faced at the Roy H. in The Pas. River Leslie-Toogood guarding the net for the Blues, while Loic Morin stands tall for the Blizzard. The Blizzard currently leads the season series 2-1 against the Winnipeg Blues.

The FIRST PERIOD saw a well-executed powerplay, #16 Sebastian Hamming fired a precise shot past Blues’ goaltender River Leslie-Toogood. The assist came from #3 Cheechoo Lathlin and #19 Keenan McNeill. The Blizzard took a 1-0 lead, leaving the home crowd excited for what’s to come.

As the SECOND PERIOD unfolded, the pressure from the Blues increased determined to level the score. At 19:14, The Blues #29 Aidan Wuerfel capitalized on a defensive misstep by the Blizzard. His shot found the back of the net, assisted by #6 Cole Penner and #8 Tyson Vouriot. The game was tied at 1-1.

Early in THIRD PERIOD, The Blizzard, fueled by their home crowd, turned up the heat. At 5:43, #13 Lucas de la Salle made a beautiful goal to regain the lead for The Blizzard. But they weren’t done yet. #27 Marlen Edwards added another goal at 11:31, assisted by #14 Reeve Sukut. The Blues struggled to respond, and at 12:54, #9 Miguel Bouvier extended the Blizzard’s lead to 4-1. His goal was set up by #10 Kieran Cooke and #21 Ethan Bibeau. The relentless pressure continued, and de la Salle struck again at 15:37. The Blizzard emerged victorious with a commanding 5-1 win.

The Blizzard showcased their offensive dominance converting powerplay opportunities and capitalizing on defensive lapses by the Blues. Penalties played a significant role, with both teams having their fair share of powerplays. Goaltender #35 Loic Morin came through for the Blizzard, securing a crucial win. The season series now stands at 3-1 in favour of The Blizzard.

March 9 – Blizzard versus Kings

The Blizzard faced off against the Dauphin Kings at Credit Union Place. Tomas Anderson started in goal for the Blizzard, and Cole Sheffield tended the net for the Kings. The Blizzard entered the game with a season record of 36-14-1-3, while the Kings held a record of 34-16-2-1. In their previous matchups this season, the teams were evenly matched at 2-2-0-0.

The FIRST PERIOD had the Blizzard came out strong early, with Sebastian Hamming scoring his 8th goal of the season on a power play at 5:12 into the period, assisted by Cheechoo Lathlin and Sam Zagari. Shortly after, Miguel Bouvier added another powerplay goal, his 17th of the season, with assists from Keenan McNeill and Kieran Cooke. The period ended with Alex Senf of the Kings scoring a power play goal. Notably, there were a total of 4 penalties in this period, evenly split between the teams.

In the SECOND PERIOD, Miguel Bouvier scored his second goal of the night and 18th of the season at 7:03 into the period, assisted by Keenan McNeill, putting the Blizzard further ahead. The period saw fewer penalties, with only 2 infractions called.

In the THIRD PERIOD The Blizzard maintained their momentum  with Sebastian Hamming scoring his 9th goal of the season on a power play at 2:15 into the period, assisted by Griffin Ayotte. Griffin Ayotte then scored, with assists from Lucas de la Salle and Marlen Edwards, at 11:20. The Kings managed to score twice, but it wasn’t enough to catch up.

The Blizzard secured a favourable win with a final score of 5-3. The team capitalized on power plays, scoring 3 out of 4 opportunities, while the Kings scored 2 out of 5. Penalties played a significant role, with the Blizzard serving 31 minutes on 10 infractions and the Kings serving 29 minutes on 9 infractions. The Blizzard’s victory was a testament to their effective power play execution and solid teamwork.




Weekend Recap

March 1 – Terriers and Blizzard in High Stakes Battle

In the FIRST PERIOD, Ashton Fishley scored the opening goal for the Terriers, while 17 Quincy Supprien equalized for the Blizzard on a power play with only seconds left in the period. Penalties added drama, with both teams facing hooking infractions. The period ended in a 1-1 tie, setting the stage for an intense remainder of the game.

The SECOND PERIOD was packed with action.  8 Adam Belzil wasted no time, finding the back of the net with 17:27 left.  Just 20 seconds later at 17:03, 14 Reeve Sukut adds one to the board with his 6th of the year. 11 Riley See joined the party, burying a shot at 16:31. Three goals in less than a minute – talk about taking the lead! With such an offensive explosion from the Blizzard, the Terriers made a change in net for the remainder of the game.

As the THIRD PERIOD unfolded, the Blizzard maintained their intensity. At 9:29, Sebastian Hamming sealed the deal with another PP goal. The Terriers fought back, desperate to narrow the gap and adding a Short-Handed goal, but the Blizzard’s defence held firm.

Tomas Anderson, the Blizzard’s all-star goaltender, faced a barrage of shots, turning away 34 of 37 attempts by the end of the game. The Blizzard outshot the Terriers, peppering their net with 41 shots. The Terriers fought hard, but the Blizzard’s relentless attack proved to be too much. As the final buzzer sounded, the scoreboard read Blizzard 5, Terriers 3.

March 2 – Blizzard Take the Freeze

The Blizzard faced off against the Winnipeg Freeze at The Roy H in The Pas, Manitoba. The Blizzard entered the game with confidence but caution, having won all three of their previous encounters against the Freeze. No game is to be taken lightly.

The FIRST PERIOD saw Quincy Supprien wasting no time, scoring the opening goal near the end of the period with only 3:13 remaining,  assisted by Sebastian Hamming and Riley See. The Blizzard dominated the shots on goal, firing 25 shots compared to the Freeze’s mere 7.

Into the SECOND PERIOD, the Blizzard’s momentum carried on in the offence and defence.  21 Ethan Bibeau found the back of the net with 13:02 left, marking his 5th goal. 37 Griffin Ayotte picked up the Blizzard’s third goal of the night at 4:02. The team’s defensive efforts limited the Freeze to just 4 shots on goal during this period.

The THIRD PERIOD remained scoreless, with the Blizzard maintaining their lead. The defence, led by goaltender Loic Morin, held firm. Both teams managed 7 shots on goal, but the Blizzard’s discipline and strategic play secured the victory.

The Blizzard showcased a controlled performance, outshooting their opponents 48 to 18. Morin’s 17 saves were crucial, and the team’s penalty minutes remained in check. With key players stepping up, the Blizzard secured a well-deserved win, continuing their heater to 10 games. The game finished with a score of 3-1 for the Blizzard.

Game Recap

February 24 – Wayway and Blizzard Battle at the Roy H

The Roy H was abuzz with excitement as the Blizzard clashed with the  Wolverines in a heart-pounding battle. The final score of 6-4 in favour of the Blizzard left fans on the edge of their seats, witnessing a rollercoaster of skill, determination, and drama.

The Blizzard take an early lead in the FIRST PERIOD. The Blizzard started the game with a burst of energy, setting the tone for the evening. Riley See delivered a thunderous hit on a Wolverine player, seizing possession of the puck and sending a pass to Sebastian Hamming, who had a picture-perfect shot to put the Blizzard ahead 1-0. Griffin Ayotte capitalized on a loose puck, finds the back of the net and extended the Blizzard’s lead to 2-0. Assisted by Marlen Edwards and Lucas de la Salle. The Wolverines responded swiftly, narrowing the gap to 2-1 with their first goal of the night.

The SECOND PERIOD was a battleground of physicality and penalties. Griffin Ayotte continued his scoring spree, netting his second consecutive goal. His relentless effort followed a bone-crushing hit by Marlen Edwards, solidifying the Blizzard’s 3-1 lead. Riley See, showcased his talent with back-to-back goals. His tally of 19 goals for the season put both him and Ayotte in contention for a hat trick with a score of 5-1.

The intensity escalated in the THIRD PERIOD. Waywayseecappo refused to yield, striking twice to make it 5-3 in favoUr of the Blizzard. Undeterred, the Blizzard responded with a goal of their own, extending their lead to 6-3. With seconds ticking away, the Wolverines pulled their goalie, and their gamble paid off. They found the net once more, closing the gap to 6-4 to end the game.

Despite the Wolverines’ late surge, The Blizzard’s early lead proved to be too much for them to overcome. The Blizzard outshot their opponents 34-27 and capitalized on one of their six power play chances. With this hard-fought victory, this solidifies their position in the league standings.

February 25 – Blizzard Take Control in Virden

The FIRST PERIOD was a defensive battle with no goals scored. Both teams had opportunities, but the goalies were up to the task, keeping the game scoreless.

In the SECOND PERIOD, The Blizzard took the lead with a power play goal by Sam Zagari, assisted by Quincy Supprien and Sebastian Hamming. This was the only goal of the period, showcasing the Blizzard’s effective power play strategy.

The THIRD PERIOD continued the trend of strong defence and goaltending. The Blizzard maintained their lead, and despite several attempts by the Virden Oil Capitals, they couldn’t find the back of the net.

The Blizzard secured a hard-fought victory with a final score of 1-0. Tomas Anderson, the Blizzard’s goalie, was exceptional, stopping all 27 shots and earning the first star of the game in his 6th SO of the year. The team’s discipline and effective penalty kill contributed to the win, as they successfully defended against two power plays. This win highlights the Blizzard’s resilience and teamwork.

February 27 – Blizzard Dominate the Kings

During the FIRST PERIOD, The Blizzard started strong with Miguel Bouvier scoring at 11:26, assisted by Sam Zagari and Sebastian Hamming. The team showed excellent offense, leading in shots on goal.

In the SECOND PERIOD, Bouvier continued his streak, netting another goal at 10:24. Cale Strasky added to the lead with a power play goal at 13:11. The Blizzard’s defense was solid, keeping the Dauphin Kings scoreless.

In the THIRD PERIOD, Griffin Ayotte sealed the victory with a goal at 11:55. The Blizzard maintained their dominance, ending the period with a comfortable lead in shots and no penalties.

The Blizzard displayed a commanding performance, with a final score of 4-0 against the Dauphin Kings. Tomas Anderson, the goaltender, achieved his 7th shutout and 2nd in a row, saving 15 shots. The team’s synergy and strategic plays were evident throughout the game, leading to a well-deserved win.

FEBRUARY 16 – Blizzard back and forth with Nighthawks

In the FIRST PERIOD the Nighthawks put on the pressure, scoring 1 and keeping the Blizzard at bay. Despite having three power plays, the Blizzard failed to capitalize on their opportunities.

The SECOND PERIOD has The Blizzard broke the deadlock early. Supprien found the net at 4:02, assisted by See and Zagari. The Nighthawks responded with a goal of their own later in the period. The Blizzard had the edge in shots on goal in the second with 11-7.

During the THIRD PERIOD the Blizzard came out strong, scoring a quick goal just 20 seconds in. This came from Supprien, who netted his second of the night, with See and Zagari setting him up. The Nighthawks answered back with a goal shortly after. See added another Blizzard goal at 3:33, with Cooke and Zagari as the helpers. with the game now tied up at 3-3, the rest of the period was scoreless and penalty-free.

OVERTIME was tense but goalless.

The SHOOTOUT was a nail-biter, going to eight rounds. Both teams being blanked by the other for the first 4 rounds.  Niverville was the first to net one in the fifth but Bibeau scores for the Blizzard to answer. Hamming sealed the win for the Blizzard in the eighth round, beating the Nighthawks’ goalie.

FEBRUARY 17 – Blizzard edge out Selkirk Steelers in Shootout

The FIRST PERIOD was scoreless, but not without action. Both teams had several power play opportunities, as the referees handed out eight penalties in total. The Blizzard had four chances to score on the man advantage, but none were successful. Anderson also faced four PP but was able to keep the puck out of the net.The shots on goal were 14-6 in favor of the Blizzard after the first 20 minutes.

The SECOND PERIOD saw only one goal, but it was a beauty. The Blizzard’s See scored his 17th goal of the season at 15:19, with assists from Zagari and Supprien. The period ended with the Blizzard leading 1-0 and outshooting the Steelers 28-13.

THIRD PERIOD has the Steelers scoring a power play goal at 1:49. However, the Blizzard did not let the Steelers’ goal affect them. They regained the lead just two minutes later, as Belzil scored his 12th goal of the season at 3:51, with an assist from Gallagher. The game remained 2-1 for the Blizzard until the final minutes of the period, when the Steelers pulled their goalie for an extra attacker. They tied the game and forced OT.

OVERTIME saw The Blizzard with three shots on goal, while the Steelers had two. Both goalies made some spectacular saves to keep their teams alive, forcing a shootout.

The SHOOTOUT was a nail-biter with both goalies Anderson and Olsonawski making some great stops. The Blizzards Hamming and Suppriren both scored on their attempts winning the shootout, giving us a final score of 3-2.

The OCN Blizzard showed their resilience and determination in this game, as they overcame a late goal by the Steelers and won the game in a shootout. The Blizzard’s goalie, Anderson, was the star of the game, as he made 27 saves on 29 shots, and stopped four out of five shooters in the shootout. The Blizzard’s shooters, Hamming and Supprien, also came up big in the shootout, as they scored the deciding goals. The Blizzard improved their record to 21-8-1-1.

FEBRUARY 18 – Morin Shuts down the Freeze

The Blizzard showed their strength and skill as they defeated the Winnipeg Freeze 2-0 on Sunday,  February 18, 2024. The Blizzard improved their record to 29-14-1-3 and extended their winning streak to four games.

During the FIRST PERIOD both teams struggled to find the back of the net. The Blizzard had the edge in shots, 11-2, but could not beat Nicolas Rempel, the Freeze goalie. The Freeze had few chances, but Loic Morin, the Blizzard goalie, was alert and ready. The period ended with no goals and three penalties, two for the Blizzard and one for the Freeze.

The SECOND PERIOD saw the Blizzard break the deadlock and take control of the game. Ethan Bibeau opened the scoring at 8:41 with his fourth goal of the season, assisted by Cale Strasky. Adam Belzil doubled the lead at 9:59 with his 13th goal of the season, assisted by Ashton Gallagher and Sebastian Hamming. The Blizzard outshot the Freeze 15-10 in the period and did not take any penalties.

The THIRD PERIOD was a defensive battle, as the Blizzard protected their lead and the Freeze tried to mount a comeback. The Freeze had more shots, 8-3, but could not solve Morin, who made some key saves. The Blizzard played smart and disciplined hockey, avoiding penalties and turnovers. The period ended with no goals and no penalties, giving the Blizzard a 2-0 win.

Blizzard take on the Wolverines in their next battle on Saturday Feb 24, 2024 at The Roy H Johnston Arena in The Pas, MB.

Blizzard Sweep the Weekend

FEBRUARY 9 – Winkler downed by the Blizzard in a Shut Out

The Blizzard defeated the Winkler Flyers 2-0 on Friday, February 9, 2024, at the Roy H. Johnston Arena. The Blizzard improved their record to 25-14-1-3, while the Flyers dropped to 32-6-2-2. Tomas Anderson was the star of the game, making 25 saves for his fourth shutout of the season.

The FIRST PERIOD was scoreless, as both teams had 10 shots on goal. The Flyers had two power play opportunities, but the Blizzard penalty kill was strong.

In the SECOND PERIOD the Blizzard opened the scoring at 13:23, when Emilien Charron netted his first goal of the season, assisted by Marlen Edwards and Sam Zagari. The Flyers had another power play chance, but could not beat Anderson. The Blizzard outshot the Flyers 8-9 in the period.

THIRD PERIOD saw The Blizzard added an insurance goal at 6:25 of the third period, when Kieran Cooke scored his sixth goal of the season, assisted by Miguel Bouvier and a rare goaltender assist by Anderson. The Flyers had two more power play opportunities, but the Blizzard defense held firm. Anderson made 12 saves in the period, while the Flyers made 10. The Blizzard outshot the Flyers 12-4 in the period, and 30-25 overall.

The Blizzard earned a 2-0 victory over the Winkler Flyers, thanks to a stellar performance by Tomas Anderson. The Flyers suffered their second loss in a row, and gave the momentum the team needed to continue the weekend.

FEBRUARY 10 – Blizzard take the Freeze

The Blizzard showed no mercy to the Winnipeg Freeze on Saturday night, as they scored eight goals and shut out their opponents in a dominant performance. Riley See led the way with a hat trick and an assist, while Sam Zagari and Keenan McNeill each had a goal and three helpers. Tomas Anderson made 20 saves for his fifth shutout of the season and second of the weekend.

The FIRST PERIOD has The Blizzard wasting no time in taking control of the game, as See opened the scoring just 1:18 into the first period, assisted by Zagari and Kieran Cooke. Quincy Supprien doubled the lead at 5:54, with Zagari and Brett Ward getting the assists. See added his second of the night on a power play at 17:44, with Cooke and McNeill setting him up. The Blizzard outshot the Freeze 18-9 in the opening frame and took a 3-0 lead into the intermission.

The SECOND PERIOD was more of the same, as the Blizzard continued to dominate the Freeze in every aspect of the game. McNeill scored his first of the night at 4:04, assisted by Miguel Bouvier. See completed his hat trick at 5:20, with Supprien and Zagari getting the assists. McNeill netted his second of the game at 13:20, with Sebastian Hamming and Bouvier getting the helpers. The Blizzard outshot the Freeze 17-4 and extended their lead to 6-0.

The THIRD PERIOD saw The Blizzard did not let up in the third period, as they added two more goals to their tally. Bouvier scored a shorthanded goal at 6:58, assisted by Emilien Charron. Zagari scored his first of the night at 8:11, with See and Charron getting the assists. Anderson stopped all seven shots he faced in the final frame and preserved the shutout. The Blizzard outshot the Freeze 19-7 in the third period and 54-20 overall.

The Blizzard improved their record to 26-14-1-3 with the 8-0 win over the Freeze, who fell to 8-31-3-0.  The Blizzard will look to keep their momentum going when they travel to the Niverville Nighthawks on Friday.

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Weekend Recap

FEBRUARY 2 – VS Steinbach Pistons

The OCN Blizzard faced a tough challenge on Friday, February 2, 2024, as they visited the Steinbach Pistons, the top team in the Eastern Division. The Blizzard were determined to snap a two-game losing streak and gain some ground in the standings, but the Pistons managed to edge them out, winning 5-2 and extending their own winning streak to six games.

The FIRST PERIOD was a close one, with both teams exchanging some good scoring opportunities. The Blizzard had some good chances on their power plays, but could not find the back of the net. The Pistons scored two goals in the final five minutes to take a 2-0 lead.

The SECOND PERIOD saw the Blizzard continue to press and create chances, but they were unlucky to hit the post and the crossbar on several occasions. The Pistons added two more goals to make it 4-0..

The THIRD PERIOD was the best one for the Blizzard, who scored two goals to cut the deficit to 4-2. Quincy Supprien scored just 35 seconds into the period, and Miguel Bouvier scored on a solo effort with five minutes left. The Blizzard showed their resilience and character, and almost scored a third goal, but the Pistons sealed the win with an empty-net goal by Jackson Kostiuk, who capitalized on a turnover in the neutral zone.

FEBRUARY 3 – Blizzard Defeat Winnipeg Blues 4-1

Despite the issues with the internet, the Blizzard showed their dominance on Saturday night as they beat the Winnipeg Blues 4-1 at the St. James Civic Centre. The Blizzard improved their record to 24-13-1-3, while the Blues fell to 7-31-3-0.

During the FIRST PERIOD the Blizzard opened the scoring at 9:28, when Tyler Bernier netted his second goal of the season, assisted by Adam Belzil and Lucas de la Salle. The Blizzard outshot the Blues 20-10 in the opening frame, and took a 1-0 lead into the intermission.

Into the SECOND PERIOD the Blizzard extended their lead, with two goals in less than five minutes. Keenan McNeill scored his 11th of the year at 5:14, with Miguel Bouvier and Kieran Cooke picking up the helpers. Marlen Edwards added his 11th as well at 10:00, with de la Salle getting his second assist of the night. The Blizzard dominated the shots on goal 14-3 in the middle stanza, and led 3-0 after 40 minutes.

The THIRD PERIOD saw the Blues tried to mount a comeback but the Blizzard were too strong defensively. Lucas de la Salle scored a short-handed goal at 5:40, his sixth of the season, to make it 4-0 for the Blizzard. Sebastian Hamming and Griffin Ayotte assisted on the goal. The Blues finally got on the board at 16:28, when Lucas Desousa scored his ninth of the year, with Liam Krupcyznski and Carter Demelo getting the assists. The Blizzard held on for a 4-1 victory, and outshot the Blues 48-23 overall.

FEBRUARY 4 – Portage Terriers

The OCN Blizzard suffered a narrow 3-2 loss to the Portage Terriers on Sunday, February 4, 2024, at Stride Place. The Blizzard fought hard to overcome a three-goal deficit, but could not find the equalizer in the final minutes of the game.

FIRST PERIOD the Terriers came out strong and scored two goals early. While the Blizzard managed only one shot on goal in the first 20 minutes, while the Terriers had six.

During the SECOND PERIOD the Terriers extended their lead to 3-0 with a power play goal. The Blizzard had more chances in the second period, firing 12 shots on Jayden Catellier, but could not beat him.

THIRD PERIOD saw The Blizzard finally get on the board at 8:03, when Brett Ward scored his sixth goal of the season, assisted by Sam Zagari and Riley See. The Blizzard continued to press and made it a one-goal game at 14:31, when Riley See scored his 11th goal of the season, with Sam Zagari and Emilien Charron getting the assists. The Blizzard pulled their goalie Loic Morin for an extra attacker in the last minute, but could not find the tying goal. The Terriers held on for a 3-2 win, with Catellier making 25 saves on 27 shots. Morin made 20 saves on 23 shots for the Blizzard.

The Blizzard are now 25-13-1-3 on the season, while the Terriers are 27-9-4-4. The Blizzard will look to bounce back on February 9 and 10th, when the Flyers and the Freeze come to the Roy H.

MJ/SJ Showcase 2024

The Blizzard Junior A are ready to unleash a six-pack of talent at #MJSJ24 Showcase

The MJ/SJ Showcase brings talent from both leagues together for 2 days of high powered, elite hockey. The goal is to promote the level of hockey coming from these teams and give scouts the best chance at viewing and recruiting talent. Select players from each team in the league are chosen by the perspective coaches and are given the chance to display their talent.

From January 29-31st, the Seven Oaks Arena in Winnipeg will be home to the electrifying energy of the Showcase and the Blizzard are well represented by five of their most promising prospects to melt the ice. Head Coach Eric Labrosse will also be onsite, displaying talent of his own while coaching the 18U White.

These chosen representatives are ready to take center stage:

● 20U Red: Tomas Anderson, Sebastian Hamming, Brett Ward

● 18U White: Quincy Supprien, Marlen Edwards

This elite showcase, with games taking place January 30-31 at the Seven Oaks Sportsplex in Winnipeg, MB, is an annual tradition between the leagues since 2018. Here,  WHL, NCAA, U SPORTS and many other scouts are watching the aspiring athletes to rise above the rest, ready to be selected for the next level. The best of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League(MJHL) go up against the best of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League(SJHL) in a high-octane battle for bragging rights and, more importantly, the coveted attention of these professional scouts.

Here’s what to expect:

Three teams from each league: Each team will boast 20 registered players, totaling 60 players per league showcasing their skills on the ice. Double the 20U firepower: Two teams per league will be comprised of 20U talent, ensuring a fast-paced, skilled affair.The future is 18: One team per league will be made up of 18U phenoms, giving a glimpse into the young guns the league has to offer.

Good Luck to all chosen to participate! The Blizzard are well represented!