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Weekend Recap

March 8 – Blues travel North

The Winnipeg Blues and the Blizzard faced at the Roy H. in The Pas. River Leslie-Toogood guarding the net for the Blues, while Loic Morin stands tall for the Blizzard. The Blizzard currently leads the season series 2-1 against the Winnipeg Blues.

The FIRST PERIOD saw a well-executed powerplay, #16 Sebastian Hamming fired a precise shot past Blues’ goaltender River Leslie-Toogood. The assist came from #3 Cheechoo Lathlin and #19 Keenan McNeill. The Blizzard took a 1-0 lead, leaving the home crowd excited for what’s to come.

As the SECOND PERIOD unfolded, the pressure from the Blues increased determined to level the score. At 19:14, The Blues #29 Aidan Wuerfel capitalized on a defensive misstep by the Blizzard. His shot found the back of the net, assisted by #6 Cole Penner and #8 Tyson Vouriot. The game was tied at 1-1.

Early in THIRD PERIOD, The Blizzard, fueled by their home crowd, turned up the heat. At 5:43, #13 Lucas de la Salle made a beautiful goal to regain the lead for The Blizzard. But they weren’t done yet. #27 Marlen Edwards added another goal at 11:31, assisted by #14 Reeve Sukut. The Blues struggled to respond, and at 12:54, #9 Miguel Bouvier extended the Blizzard’s lead to 4-1. His goal was set up by #10 Kieran Cooke and #21 Ethan Bibeau. The relentless pressure continued, and de la Salle struck again at 15:37. The Blizzard emerged victorious with a commanding 5-1 win.

The Blizzard showcased their offensive dominance converting powerplay opportunities and capitalizing on defensive lapses by the Blues. Penalties played a significant role, with both teams having their fair share of powerplays. Goaltender #35 Loic Morin came through for the Blizzard, securing a crucial win. The season series now stands at 3-1 in favour of The Blizzard.

March 9 – Blizzard versus Kings

The Blizzard faced off against the Dauphin Kings at Credit Union Place. Tomas Anderson started in goal for the Blizzard, and Cole Sheffield tended the net for the Kings. The Blizzard entered the game with a season record of 36-14-1-3, while the Kings held a record of 34-16-2-1. In their previous matchups this season, the teams were evenly matched at 2-2-0-0.

The FIRST PERIOD had the Blizzard came out strong early, with Sebastian Hamming scoring his 8th goal of the season on a power play at 5:12 into the period, assisted by Cheechoo Lathlin and Sam Zagari. Shortly after, Miguel Bouvier added another powerplay goal, his 17th of the season, with assists from Keenan McNeill and Kieran Cooke. The period ended with Alex Senf of the Kings scoring a power play goal. Notably, there were a total of 4 penalties in this period, evenly split between the teams.

In the SECOND PERIOD, Miguel Bouvier scored his second goal of the night and 18th of the season at 7:03 into the period, assisted by Keenan McNeill, putting the Blizzard further ahead. The period saw fewer penalties, with only 2 infractions called.

In the THIRD PERIOD The Blizzard maintained their momentum  with Sebastian Hamming scoring his 9th goal of the season on a power play at 2:15 into the period, assisted by Griffin Ayotte. Griffin Ayotte then scored, with assists from Lucas de la Salle and Marlen Edwards, at 11:20. The Kings managed to score twice, but it wasn’t enough to catch up.

The Blizzard secured a favourable win with a final score of 5-3. The team capitalized on power plays, scoring 3 out of 4 opportunities, while the Kings scored 2 out of 5. Penalties played a significant role, with the Blizzard serving 31 minutes on 10 infractions and the Kings serving 29 minutes on 9 infractions. The Blizzard’s victory was a testament to their effective power play execution and solid teamwork.